It was the year 1776, on the eve of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The world was held in a dire conflict between the major powers of Europe and, um... wait a second... that's world history. Let me see here... Ah! Here we are. Our history starts a few years later. 2014, a time when boredom ran rampant amongst the people. They sought to quell the boredom by doing horrible things like working and having conversations. The pain of that existence was too much and they cried out for a cure. Their cries were answered! Proud Mammal Games, a powerhouse of excellence, arose from the core of the Earth and bestowed their totally rad games to human kind! Much rejoicing commenced and the world changed over night from an abysmal grind into a utopia of wonder and excitement.


Proud Mammal Games is an independent game studio comprised of two dudes, four robots, six chinchillas, and eight tiny reindeer. We make tabletop games that are challenging, fun, and completely awesome (at least we like to think so).