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Welcome to the Proud Mammal Chronicle

Welcome to the Proud Mammal Chronicle, a place where all of the Proud Mammal Family and Friends gather to share their insights into game playing, game designing, our various hobbies and even some shameless self-promotion. Some shameless self-promotion? Probably more like a lot, but you know you like it.

My name is Kane and I’ll be your constant companion here in the PMC. You can expect a new article from me every week on Friday. I’ll be doing a game review every month, along with a development blog to show you what Proud Mammal has been working on; past, present and future. The other two or three weeks out of the month? Who knows, maybe I’ll indulge in some video game appraisals, book reviews or film recommendations. Maybe I’ll just do a few more board game reviews! At the moment, the whole schedule thing is up in the air, just be expecting something new every Friday (Starting today!).

I appreciate comments, counter points and critiques of my critiques. Any contribution is welcome in the Proud Mammal Chronicle.