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Game Review: Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens is a fast paced “don’t draw the wrong card” type of game where you have some limited Uno-esque powers like skipping turns, undrawing cards, and set matching. It’s easy to see why the game was such a success on Kickstarter, because it offers a visual feast along with a side of absurd humor. To top it off, the game takes about 10 minutes to play tops. I love it, but my innate tendencies say I have to pick it apart…


hehe… cheetah butt

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Game Review: The Witcher Adventure Game (Digital Edition)

Proud Mammal Kane 374 Comments

I was gifted a video game this past December which is a digital version of the board game – The Witcher Adventure Game – and I’ve played just about 10 full games of it. It works off the ideas of the high fantasy book/video game series The Witcher – the books I have not read, half because most of them haven’t been translated from the original Polish and half because ain’t nobody got time for that – the games I have not played, despite owning the first two because… [see latter section of the previous excuse]


Dandelion is going to mess you up with that Lute.

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Game Review: Elder Sign

Elder Sign is a game based on the Ben Stiller Comedy “Night at the Museum.” Your cast of characters are stuck in a museum gone mad, unbearable things coming to life and annoying you until they’re dealt with. The whole thing culminates with fighting for your life to recover an artifact… or dealing with the terrible repercussions of letting it loose upon the world.

Tell me that’s not the same plot!


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Game Review: Fictionaire


Merry Fictionaire Flair

The day was Black Friday and all through the city,

the stores were a’bustling and grease traps smelled shitty.

My brother led the party through the darkening streets,

to a bastion of games, a 20-sided cube in stone relief.

The usual FNM odor of card shops had shockingly ceased;

it seems the magic players had showered for their thanksgiving feasts.

A trivia game was procured with an odd sounding name,

one that would give us some fun, but cause us some pain.

Fictionaire it was called, but none of us could discern,

Is it “airy” or “aer”? I still haven’t learned.

The game itself is like a Balderdash clone,

lame jokes for answers and players constantly groan.

Could it be fun in groups? Absolutely, it’s true!

Are the questions too easy? I knew all but a few…

The secret to fun, in this particular gem,

is learning to lie exactly like the card writer’s pen,

because when you lie, in a believable voice,

you actually win and can start to rejoice.

We played a short while until we discovered the rub,

lying while drinking ain’t simple, it’s easy to flub.

We quit the game playing and ate our small dinner,

I don’t think we even kept track of the winner.

A recommendation is hard for a diversion like this,

Fictionaire is fine, but effortless to dismiss.

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Game Review: Hot Rod Creeps

The roar of the engines is deafening as the hot rods careen past the stands. The Demon seems to be catching up with the Wizard, burning off the last of its fuel in a desperate attempt to cinch the victory for their team. He makes the turn, but just ahead is the ring of fire, a deadly jump that only the most skilled drivers can make. The Wizard shoots out into the open air and it’s only a split second before the Demon is streaking up the ramp too. Praying as he nears the edge, yes he knows that this is ironic, the Demon sees that his tank is empty and lets fate decide. He flips out and… success! Into the final turn, and they’re neck and neck, it’s anybodies race. But out of nowhere, they couldn’t have seen it coming, the anthropomorphic food combos in from that wicked final turn, and right into the winners circle.


That pulse pounding scenario you just read? Just one of the many races you can expect to get out of your copy of Hot Rod Creeps.

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