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Original Game: Future War

So… lets talk about War. It’s a game, sure, but only just barely. If you’ve lived under a rock or never seen a deck of cards before here’s how it works. 1st you split the deck into two halves, give one of the halves to another human being (or… I suppose you don’t really even need a sentient opponent), 2nd draw a card from each deck and see which is bigger, 3rd repeat. 4th If you tie, draw a few face down-cards then another face-up card,see which is bigger to resolve both fights. That’s it. Nothing else. Well you see the problem just as much as me, it’s not really a game, there is no gameplay involved. I decided to fix it. I call this new game… Future War (starring Daniel Bernhardt).

Future War Box Art

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Game Review: Mindtrap

Mindtrap… now this is a blast from the past. I inherited this game from my cousin when his mom was throwing away things from their basement. I leapt upon the opportunity to own a game my cool older cousin had once shown me, this thinking game that was equal parts awesome and foreboding forbidden knowledge. A game that requires no friends to play. A game that focuses on the power of abstract thinking. A game that often has no real answers. A game that simply cannot be beat by modern competitors because there are no modern competitors. As unique a game as one could ever play. Lets talk about it.


Amazing package design too. This game has pizzazz.

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Magic the Gathering: A Positive Approach

I’ve taken about 5 different stabs at creating an article about Magic the Gathering. That’s a lot of attempts with nothing to show for it. I can’t encapsulate all of the things I love and hate about the game in a cohesive and complete way. So I’m going to try something that I’ve never done before… This article is going to be entirely positive. WHAT!? Yeah, you read that right – Kane is being positive about something. LETS DO IT!



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Review: Cards Against Humanity, part 2

One of my first articles on the Proud Mammal Chronicle was about my experiences with and opinions on the game Cards Against Humanity henceforth referred to as CAH (Here’s a link to that review – ). I took the stance that CAH isn’t really a game, and I stand by that assessment because there is no goal besides either making people laugh or making them uncomfortable. I also stated that it takes too long to play and isn’t fun when nothing is happening, which is also true and especially so in large groups of people (and sometimes it’s not fun at all). I just feel like I may have been a bit unfair to the people who made the game who really did a great job from a creative standpoint and I feel I must rectify any misgivings that my last review may have set.


taken from

There’s no way 8 people can put in equal work on a game this scale. Who wants to place bets on which guy contributed the least?

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