Link-dump 2: The Dumpening

Kane no have brilliant game review for you this week. Kane no have exquisite behind the scenes peek at Proud Mammal projects neither. Kane instead link some fun stuff for you. Stuff Kane like lots, know you like too. Have fun with links, read the comics, see the pictures, watch the movie. Fun, Fun, Fun. Click “more” below to get the goodies!

This first link will take you to a comic series called Junior Scientist Power Hour by Abby Howard. Ever since seeing her on Penny Arcade’s game show, I’ve become a fan. She’s pretty much a master of the human condition tented with a fine gossamer of absurdity. If you like dinosaurs, cats and the occasional dark joke then check this shit out… It’s rad. Here’s one of my favorite strips.

It’s a long one, so click through to read it.

Next link has a lot to do with web comics too. One Ms. Julia Wertz is the author of the cultured and brilliant comic Fart Party (now called Museum of Mistakes), but what I’m going to show you is her photo blog. Welcome to Adventure Bible School, a collection of her photographs taken in abandoned buildings and other derelict locations. Apparently she spends a lot of time inside dirty old buildings so there’s tons of the photos, but not only that – she also digs up information on the locations and gives you a mini-history lesson as you read through her articles. You can see a couple of  her photos below, click them to link to the galleries. Maybe don’t click through if you’re squeamish, dead animals and medical illustrations are pretty common in abandoned hospitals.

from Adventure Bible School

Books about quitting cocaine OBVIOUSLY written by people on cocaine. You don’t just pun like that haphazardly.

from Adventure Bible School

Care for a nice relaxing bath?

And finally, A silent film from Denmark in the 1920s, “Haxan: Witchcraft Through The Ages.” Ostensibly what we have here is a documentary about superstition but they do it through amazing special effects. If you’re not counting German Expressionism, then this is definitely one of the best looking movies of the era. As you watch, keep this fact in mind – Satan is played by the director of the film, and his portrayal is hilarious. Take a look. Oh, and make sure to turn on the subtitles.


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