Game Review: Elder Sign

Elder Sign is a game based on the Ben Stiller Comedy “Night at the Museum.” Your cast of characters are stuck in a museum gone mad, unbearable things coming to life and annoying you until they’re dealt with. The whole thing culminates with fighting for your life to recover an artifact… or dealing with the terrible repercussions of letting it loose upon the world.

Tell me that’s not the same plot!


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Game Review: Fictionaire


Merry Fictionaire Flair

The day was Black Friday and all through the city,

the stores were a’bustling and grease traps smelled shitty.

My brother led the party through the darkening streets,

to a bastion of games, a 20-sided cube in stone relief.

The usual FNM odor of card shops had shockingly ceased;

it seems the magic players had showered for their thanksgiving feasts.

A trivia game was procured with an odd sounding name,

one that would give us some fun, but cause us some pain.

Fictionaire it was called, but none of us could discern,

Is it “airy” or “aer”? I still haven’t learned.

The game itself is like a Balderdash clone,

lame jokes for answers and players constantly groan.

Could it be fun in groups? Absolutely, it’s true!

Are the questions too easy? I knew all but a few…

The secret to fun, in this particular gem,

is learning to lie exactly like the card writer’s pen,

because when you lie, in a believable voice,

you actually win and can start to rejoice.

We played a short while until we discovered the rub,

lying while drinking ain’t simple, it’s easy to flub.

We quit the game playing and ate our small dinner,

I don’t think we even kept track of the winner.

A recommendation is hard for a diversion like this,

Fictionaire is fine, but effortless to dismiss.

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Original Game: Snitches Get Stitches

So, I had an idea for a new game a while back, but when Ben and I discussed it we ruled it out for any sort of production because 1.we don’t have the funds or time, 2.the game takes too many people to play it, and 3. one of the people who plays doesn’t actually get to have a hand in the action. But! I figured why not start a new PMC Category called “Original Game” and just put the idea out there anyway. Now, behold…


Such Truth. Much Knuckles.

For 5 to 11 Players

Requires 1 Deck of Playing Cards

Requires 5-ish Shiv Markers

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The K Fireworks Comedy Hour

This is a true story; names have been changed to protect the innocent. None of this is embellished. I promise.


Truly True

The day was July 4th 2015 and it was pouring down rain on our little east Texas town. Two of my roommates (Alice and Tim) and I were planning on meeting another one of our Roommates (Petey) at an Indian Reservation for a pow-wow and fireworks display. He traveled there earlier in the day so that he wouldn’t miss any of the stereotypical Native American spectacle. So knowing that we’ve already missed the dances, and knowing that it’s pouring rain and the drive would take an hour, we decide to change our plans to something a little less wet, far, and racist.

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Magic the Gathering: A Positive Approach

I’ve taken about 5 different stabs at creating an article about Magic the Gathering. That’s a lot of attempts with nothing to show for it. I can’t encapsulate all of the things I love and hate about the game in a cohesive and complete way. So I’m going to try something that I’ve never done before… This article is going to be entirely positive. WHAT!? Yeah, you read that right – Kane is being positive about something. LETS DO IT!



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