Opinion: Jeopardy’s 1 Dollar Bastards

I hate the people on the TV Game Show Jeopardy who bid just enough to beat their opponent by 1 dollar. It’s like sitting across the table from a stranger at a restaurant where you’re both being served an 8 course meal. Everything looks good, both of you are smiling, then right before your seatmate takes a bite, you slap the lobster off the table and stamp on it. Your reward for this tasteless act? A single M&M for dessert. I hope it tastes like ashes.

Everything beyond this point is just me raging at the television and at the players who have no strategy, seriously… I have a problem! Listen to this song while you read the rest of the article, it’ll put you in my headspace.

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PSA: Proud Mammal changing name to Uncomfortable Amphibian

We’re going in a bold new direction here, and we want everyone who keep up with us to know it. Time for us to switch things up a bit and make sure everyone knows we mean business. We will no longer be making games, in fact, we will no longer be posting about games either. We’re converting directly to, immediately, a 401k support group. Everything you ever needed to know about saving up for retirement, and people to discuss it with will be right here. Just for you.

So take a minute and explore the rest of the article where we’ll discuss how to most effectively convert a single mortgage into a double! Click below to expand.

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Dual Duel Review: Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night

Welcome to the world’s first Proud Mammal Dual Duel Review, in which both (YES you read that correctly, BOTH) Ben and Kane will be reviewing the same game at the same time. Madness? Perhaps, but that’s just the foolhardiness that we’re all about here at Proud Mammal. We received a press kit (we’re hitting the big time folks) for the game Chainsaw Warrior: Lords of the Night, so collectively we though “Hells to the yes, let’s review this and set a precedent.” World, you send us more free games and we’ll review the shit out of them!

Image take from http://gm-cdn.gamezebo.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Chainsaw-Warrior-Lords-of-the-Night.jpg

The Chainsaw Warrior is all out of bubblegum.

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Link-dump 2: The Dumpening

Kane no have brilliant game review for you this week. Kane no have exquisite behind the scenes peek at Proud Mammal projects neither. Kane instead link some fun stuff for you. Stuff Kane like lots, know you like too. Have fun with links, read the comics, see the pictures, watch the movie. Fun, Fun, Fun. Click “more” below to get the goodies!

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