Post for the sake of Post

So… I promised you audience participation last week. And things haven’t quite come together yet. Fret not children, for that time shall come, but as it stands I have a post to make that I wasn’t quite prepared for. So all I’m going to do this week is entertain you with a link bomb. Some extra cool goodies that should at least flex your cerebellum a tiny bit. Enjoy.

First up, some cool video game manipulation. Watch this guy as he reprograms Super Mario World in real time, in game, so he can jump directly to the credits from the first level. Also check out the Ars Technica piece linked in the body of this article, it gets a little deeper into how it all works.

Now, check out this nerd. He’s pretty good with a bow, but couldn’t they have found a better narrator?

One more video to sate you this week. A nice little documentary from the good people at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC.

I like Turtles.

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