PSA: Christening the Platypus

The Name Our Platypus contest is finished, and while we didn’t get as many entries as we would have liked, we got enough high quality names that it was actually a fairly difficult choice. Thank you to everyone who participated, we really appreciate it! I’m going to share some of our favorite entries before announcing the winner and our dear Platypus’ name.

Albert Von Schmeckentraut – Quite hilarious! Great name for a prestigious aquatic mammal with a hidden dark side. This Platypus would wear a top hat and monocle, smoking cigars while stroking a hairless cat. He’s a genius of a platypus but he doesn’t use that genius for good. He’s invented lasers and rockets but the rockets are aimed directly at London and the lasers are for burning the crotches of secret agents. And this is why we couldn’t choose him, because he’s a villain of the same caliber as Le Chiffre. That, and the fact that the guy who submitted it is a brother of one us Proud Mammelites. Conflict of interests suck!

Ynchus – Probably the smartest entry we received, in fact the gentleman that submitted this name also submitted a couple others, Mono & Treme. Now, we at Proud Mammal do our research and wanted to know what these latin scientific names actually mean so, here we go. Ynchus is a part of the word Rhynchus which refers to a snout or beak. The scientific name for a Platypus is Ornithorhynchus anatinus which translates to Duck-like Beak-like Snout. Pretty appropriate… now for Mono & Treme. Now they were submitted separately but when you push them together you get a name for a type of animal that Platypus belong to. The Monotremes, and what this mean is that they do all of their business (ALL OF IT) through a single hole in their backsides – a cloaca. And while it’s pretty funny to name a mascot something related to reproduction, feces AND urine – all at the same time no less – there would have always been an inkling in the back of my mind that it’s a little inappropriate.

And finally, the winning submission. A name that evokes leadership and vulgar displays of power. A name that when translated to slavic will literally mean Great Platy. A name that proud shirtless men will chant while they ride horses and fish in the Caucus Mountains. A leader among Platypus, our mascot with his new name…



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