PSA: The One Day of Christmas

It’s coming up on the holidays and if you haven’t started shopping yet, it’s time to begin. But I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in recent years. People seem to think you need to shower family in gifts to earn their adoration. Let me help you out and tell you that it’s simply not true. Buying cars, extravagant vacations, homes and scads of jewelry… totally unnecessary! And there’s an old song called The Twelve Days of Christmas that tells the story of a rich youth trying to buy the love of their significant other, completed over an excessively long twelve days. Well I’ve rewritten it just a little bit to appeal to the more thrifty (read: cheap) of us gentlefolk.


The One Day of Christmas

On the One Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

One Drummer Drumming.

One Piper Piping

One Lord a-Leaping

One Lady Dancing

One Maid a-Milking

One Swan a-Swiming

One Goose a-Laying

One Golden Ring (don’t be 100% stingy!)

One Calling Bird

One French Hen

One Turtle Dove

And a fresh copy of ACHTUNG!

"Police Graffiti" by Kirsty Hall / CC BY 2.0 / modified effects and "ACHTUNG!" logo []

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Happy Holidays!

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