Review: Food Fight

The return of my second favorite (after Proud Mammal) game publisher… another Cryptozoic Entertainment game! And this game is my second favorite Cryptozoic game. It only takes about 2 minutes to explain. Definitely takes less than 2 hours to play (a lot less really). I gave it to my second favorite brother (if you’re counting my parent’s dog) for Christmas 2 (maybe 4 (2 times 2)) years ago. Whole lotta 2s in my mind when I think about Food Fight (2 Fs!).

*Quick Aside* The video below is what I found myself watching after searching for an appropriate “2” image… watch at your own risk. This is the type of shit that serial killers watch on repeat.

Food Fight is a very simple game, it’s just a re-imagining of the card game War where players flip cards and hope they have the higher number. All Food Fight is, is a fun revamp of a game that everyone played before they were even in 2nd grade (there’s that number again!). What they did to the game to step it up to the next level though, is separate the cards into 3 suits -Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner- each suit represents both a type of card in the player’s deck and a type of card in the Battlefield Deck (basically Victory Points). And the type of Battlefield effects which powers certain cards will have. For instance, the Dinner Roll card is only worth 1, unless it’s in a Dinner Battle, then it’s worth 9. Easy so far right? It doesn’t get any more complex. There are a few instant cards as well to give you a chance during fights that aren’t going so well. Like adding Mustard to your lunch troop, pretty good idea because it gives him +3. That’s it! You already know how to play the game

Simple games are great, especially when you bring it to a friend’s house, or you have people not used to playing games around. Food Fight is the sort of game that won’t impress your hardcore gamer friends, but it won’t confuse your non-gamer friends into saying “I hate this, lets just play some more Call of Duty 13.” It’s an introductory game, something to get non-gamers playing, or to get a night rolling. Honestly I wouldn’t want to play the game for more than 1 finished game, because it can get gruelingly long (if people know what they’re doing too well) or even unfair (if the randomness just doesn’t fall in your favor for the duration of the game). But it’s a starting point regardless. It’s fun to play, it’s fun to taunt your friends and it’s even more fun to look at, because damn… those guys at Crytozoic know how to hire folks to draw pictures for them.

The art on these cards is so great, I don’t even know what to say about them. I’m just going to post a few of my favorites and let them speak for themselves.


Some of the basic Lunch troops. They look like a dirty baker’s dozen.


Them’s a good knock at corporate consumerism.

All in all, if you’re a gamer that wants to introduce some people to a “new, old experience”, or you’re swayed by great aesthetics. Food Fight is a game for you.

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