State of the Union

Listen up Mammals.

As I’m sure the world has noticed; I’ve been missing from the hallowed halls of the Chronicle for about a month now. Despite my promise so long ago of a new article every week, a promise that I’m having trouble keeping up with now. I’ve got two excuses 1. That you will like, and 2. that you will at best feel ambivalent about.

1. We’re getting a Kickstarter ready for ACHTUNG! That’s right. You heard it here first folks. We’re pumping up the volume on this one, Doubling the number of cards (Maybe even tripling if things go well enough), giving it a beautiful real box, and finally the -piece-de-resistance- The cards are getting an overhaul so you don’t need those pesky markers to play the game anymore! All in all we’re making a beautiful thing even more beautifuller. And we hope the world sees it the same way we do and helps make it a reality.

2. My second excuse for not being around. I’m starting a new job in June and there’s a lot of research and classes I’m taking to get ready for it. Sure it doesn’t take up all of my time, but it’s making the Chronicle my lowest priority. Sorry guys. I’ll do better starting now. Just probably not every week. Lets say Bi-Weekly now and see if i can stick to that shit. My searing wit is probably best served up once every two weeks regardless.

Things are looking up on every front. I’ll see you back here in a week or two when things will really pick up steam.

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